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Proposal for sale

Why we are selling this amazing project

Vortex was created by a small team of highly respected industry professionals. However, due to retirements, we are keen for another party to take over the project and enable it to reach its full potential.

THE BUSINESS opportunity

about you

We envisage that you will be entrepreneurs, car enthusiasts or petrol-heads with some automotive or engineering experience. You might already have your own premises that could be given over to small-scale car production or ramped up for larger scale manufacture. The choice will be yours.


When you acquire the Vortex GT project, you will have purchased the design rights to this stunning marque and its proven engineering. The Vortex name is established but allows you the flexibility to create your own car brand. Our directors can also offer you the benefit of our experience to help you accelerate your future plans.

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Please go to our Contacts page to start a dialogue or negotiation. Obviously we are only looking to talk to genuine parties. You should have the means for an outright purchase but we might consider a majority shareholding. We invite enquiries from the UK or overseas.

More about the car


Please contact us to discuss the sale proposal and sale price in more detail. In addition to all assets, we are including the full support of the existing Vortex directors including:

- Access to one of our directors for two days per week for six months whilst you establish the business the way you want it

- Support of a business consultant to help you through your business planning. (Our business consultant already has full plans for the next stage of Vortex's evolution).


- In addition to engineering plans and tooling including jigs for chassis, suspension and dash crossbeam; moulds for main body, bonnet, boot, doors, rear bumper and all interiors; drilling jig for bulkhead etc; LH & RH upright patterns for casting. build manual; cad drawings; supplier lists and 100 hours build support

- You will also have access to a world leading design studio, our contacts and our electric engine partners

Next stepS

To start a dialogue, please go to the Contact us page

or talk to us on +44 (0)1926 857200


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